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Rules and commands are on the bottom of the description. You agree to the rules set by posting in chat.

=== WHO ===

Oh, hi! If you're new or this came up in your recommended, my name is luminantAegis and this is my channel dedicated to the editing - specifically extending - and playing of various songs within the Homestuck fandom.

=== WHAT ===

This is a 24/7 stream that plays random Homestuck music. Canon music and fan albums are both prone to show up here, as well as other albums made from the Homestuck Music Team.

And yes, we know you're super surprised that this stream is "still up". You'll get used to it.

=== WHEN ===

The stream went "24/7" around November 19th, 2016 before a few test runs in October, however it has gone down for 20-30 minutes at a time in order to patch up major errors or make critical system updates to the computer that this stream runs on. As of November 27th, we have a backup stream to help mitigate these problems and keep the stream rolling.

=== WHERE ===

Well, you're at the stream right now. Here's some other links instead:

Tumblr (channel updates and general news): http://luminantaegis.tumblr.com
Twitter (stream updates and general silliness): http://twitter.com/luminantaegis

Our Discord (a very good group chat website with a downloadable version) is (usually) private in order to keep it from getting too rowdy, we will make the link available here sometimes or find other ways to communicate with people we would like to invite to the server.

=== WHY ===

Simple answer - because watching me make extensions actually makes for a really boring stream. People are here for the chat and people are here for the music, might as well make it interesting and have a stream that everyone enjoys.

=== HOW / RULES ===

Instead of making a super boring 9 mile rule list, we can break expectations into a few points:

- No negativity towards anyone, including trolling and racism
- Keep it clean here, at least to the point Homestuck is.
- Don't spam or use excessive caps
- Roleplaying is not allowed; quirks are allowed so long as they are easily readable
- Do not advertise your stuff.
- Don't make a fuss about timeouts. It's not worth it, just wait your 5 minutes.
- Don't break the YouTube terms of service. This includes joking about suicide, death threats and other things normal people wouldn't actually talk about much less consider. If it's of grave matter, you will be reported to authorities and banned from stream.

- Try not to make chat "too real", a lot of people come here to get away from things and would rather not be reminded of them. The majority if not all of us are not trained counselors and should not be regarded as such. On another branch off the same point, nobody wants *another* place talking about politics, please try to keep it away from here.

- (NEW) Messages made by offensive and/or controversial usernames will be removed / blocked on sight.

Changes to this rule list will happen without prior warning. Generally, be reasonable and you'll be fine.

Please mind the difference between being timed out (anywhere from a 5 second to 10 minute period where you cannot send messages ) and being blocked ( cannot send messages indefinitely).


!addcan - Use a command, a number goes up.
!donate, !tip - The same command, opens up a site where you can donate to me.
!lasttweet - Shows my last post on Twitter. Usually related to the stream.
!lumitime - Shows the time in Central Standard.
!pidgey - Chirp!
!skip - Fails to skip the song playing.
!songcount - Shows how many songs are loaded into the stream at the moment.
!steam - Shows my Steam profile, and my status. If I'm playing a Steam game, it'll show up here.

...and more!


!isjaneok - Bans you. This used to be a valid command and something of an in-joke in stream chat until it was used to harass, stalk and spam users named Jane. Now it's just "the forbidden command", which may or may not have summoned Lord Voldemort previously.

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